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* About the club membership *

For the spring time season, we'll be having 3 "fever buster" drawings on the last days of each month of April, May, and June .... For more details on how to get an entry, visit the "Spring Fever" forum link.

The Colorado Prospector club's main goal is EDUCATION AT ALL LEVELS! CP website offers many educational tools including a forum, club members chat room, video and live demonstrations......etc. Club memberships help keep the website open to all as free educational resource, which we are very proud to say is one of the best prospecting websites available to the public. Thank You Colorado Prospector club members for helping make this possible!!

Memberships include immediate family.

The Colorado Prospector club is the only one of its kind, we help club members reach their personal goals and acheive success on all their prospecting ventures. We have "researched" particular "areas" to give members a good head start on research/learning about claims, but more importantly where the claims are NOT filed! These areas are on either NF or BLM lands which you already have the right to prospect/explore for mineral and gem deposits. (All club members researched areas information is presented in digital format and includes GPS coordinates and elevation data.)

Club members researched prospecting "areas" have been pre-researched for status/claims and were open to prospecting on the dates posted. You will also receive information to re-verify each area at anytime. (REQUIRED)

All of the clubs researched areas are in Clear creek, Summit, Park, Chaffee, and Rio Grande counties at this time.
Okay, ready to head out and get your samples or specimens? Where can you explore and prospect that isn't claimed you ask?
The Colorado Prospector club membership grants you access to our research done on thousands of acres in NF/BLM public land parcels. (to check for existing claims) With the club members info provided, you will be able to go prospecting on your schedule, any time or day of the year! In addition, we try to help everyone learn their basic rights and the laws concerning exploring and prospecting YOUR national land.

By joining the Colorado Prospector club, you will become part of an outstanding group of people from all over the U.S.A. You'll also have one heck of a jump on the learning curve!

* Researched prospecting areas for club members currently totals over 30,000 acres of prospecting pleasure at the LT level!

Club membership benefits are continually growing so whether you have prospected for years or are just starting out, we believe you will find useful information by learning and participating in the club.
Membership levels are........ Full year "FY" (level 2) Lifetime "LT" (level 3) Membership details and prices are listed below.

View the example area to see how each researched area is presented to members. EXAMPLE AREA!

On our club testimonials and reviews page, you will find links to comments from past and present Colorado Prospector club members and claim owners about the club.

Already a CP club member and would like to renew your membership? Renew your "FY" membership for another 12 months using Pay-Pal here. Yearly Renewal
You'll never lose any remaining club membership time left on your current membership if you renew prior to your current expiration date!

If your signing up as a club member for the first time or your membership has expired, please scroll down to choose your membership level and sign up below.


Full Year membership - Level 2

With the "F.Y." membership you will be able to access information for a minimum of 12 prospecting "areas" for the year (12 months), including maps, GPS coordinates, Elevation data, driving directions, descriptions, and verification information. You will also have access to the club members protected forum section, all past club newsletters archives, additional mapping, mineral data, the geo-cache treasure hunts information, and many more great benefits listed in the full list of benefits linked below.

Membership is valid for 12 months from sign up date.
Currently there are 13 researched prospecting "areas" for membership level 2 "F.Y." totaling thousands of acres. These do not include the free panning and sluicing areas which is thousands more!

Club membership benefits Full list

FULL YEAR or "F.Y." (level 2)- PRICE $69.00
Sign up now using Pay-Pal for 1 full year.

or sign up by using the Mail in sign up form


Upgrades are welcome anytime during your club membership. During the first 30 days of your membership, you may upgrade to the Lifetime membership and save your initial payment. See payment plan information under Lifetime membership details to enroll.

Make your Lifetime membership payments
using Pay-Pal here.


Lifetime membership - Level 3

With the Lifetime membership "L.T." you will be able to access information for all of the prospecting "areas" year after year. Current number of researched prospecting "areas" posted for "L.T." members is 19, totaling approximately 30,000 acres in 5 counties across Colorado. These do not include the free panning and sluicing areas which is thousands more!
All lifetime members receive a ColoradoProspector certificate of appreciation (laminated) for their extended club support and participation and a bonus sign up treasure of their choice. Lifetime members also have access to the club members protected forum section, all past club newsletters archives, additional mapping, mineral data, the geo-cache treasure hunts information, and many more great benefits listed in the full list of benefits linked below.

Club membership benefits Full list

LIFETIME or "L.T." (level 3)- PRICE $799.00

Click here to sign up now using Pay-Pal

or sign up with the Mail in sign up form

Speaking of panning out........
* When signing up for the lifetime membership or paid in full on the upgrade plan,
new lifetime members may choose a FREE BONUS TREASURE from the current list in our "Sign Up Bonus" prize thread.


Your level 2 Full year membership fees are down payment of $69.00
Notify us via email as stated, then you must make monthly payments in the amount of your choice **(min $30.00/month), until the balance is paid.
When your "FY" payment is received, you will be activated at the yearly membership level 2, and continue as a yearly member until paid in full. Once your lifetime membership is paid in full, you will then be upgraded to lifetime to receive the really SWEET SPOTS!

To sign up for the "Lifetime payment plan", begin by signing up at the yearly membership level 2, using the regular sign up method on this page, and then send us an email letting us know you would like to enroll in the lifetime payment plan.

**Payments must be current or the regular 12 months for membership will apply from last current month. There will be no interest or finance charges for the payment plan.

Send us an E-mail if you have suggestions or questions to webmaster@coloradoprospector.com

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