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*2010 Fathers Day Weekend Outing*

Fathers day weekend was a great time! Fantastic weather and great people. This was a great location to test out the equipment and do a little prospecting. Lots of equipment tips were shared, and even a bit of discussuins on using the LR2000. Always something to learn at the CP outings, no matter how young or old you are.

Here is a picture of Timmy doing a bit of classifying.

Swizz jumped right in with his 2" backpack dredge, and found plenty of fines in the sweet spot he chose to work.

H20Prospector tackled a pile off the side of the creek using his 3" combo unit.

Coalbunny was locked onto his gold wheel recovering some of that gold stuff, while CP looked on.

Archer wasted no time setting up his sluice and getting to work.

It was a great time, and we hope to see everyone on the creek again soon.

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