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*New Gold Pan Seasoning Tips*

By: CP

So you have your new gold pan and you are ready to pan some gold! First you will need to "season" the pan. All new pans will have some type of residues from production that need to washed off or broken in to help your gold recovery techniques. Normally at home you have good hot water (really hot) available and simple dish soap......Using this and a green scrubber pad, sos pad, or a fine steel wool, lightly rub the entire surface of the new pan's inner dish. Don't over scrub or scratch the pan as you are just looking to clean off production residues.

Now if you are already creekside then you are forced to use sand and water there with hopefully some dish soap if you've remembered that in the car.....HEHE When new you will see a "beading" of the water tension on the surface of the residues........as cleaned this will disappear.

Click here for Panning Tips if needed.
Have fun out there and good luck!

Hope you find these instructions helpful and may your pan turn yellow at clean up time!

Dan Schaefer-CP
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