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Full Version: A new background...
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Hard to capture on camera... damn crappy camera... but it has a lot of purple in it as well - (went with the color scheme of my only two pieces of Fluorite), but not sure where I want to go from here. Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

And on a side note (painted this one around the same time as this new background... keep in mind, it's still in the 'works') Click to view attachment
Very pretty!!!!!
Very cool, Colin!
Welp, I hadn't realized the first pic - that's more or less how it looks... ignore the 2nd pic - was trying a different filter (was tech the first set of pics I took, why I said what I said - all blue... where's the gawd damn purple!?) My bad, my bad - First pic is what it looks like.

3rd pic is something completely different (Every time I hear that line.. makes me think of Monty Python.... llamas)
Very nice. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif Looks like you're finding some cures for the cabin fever!
happy088.gif Nice work Colin! I can understand about not getting the purple to show in the pic. I sculpted a purple Opal heart that would look electric blue in pictures. slaphead.gif Never could get the purple to show, just ask Chris...he tried also. giggle.gif

Do you have an easel for working your paintings? I see the peg board and was wondering if that's what you hold it with to paint?
No easel... far to poor for that. The peg board you see, is in front of my truck in the garage - where I like to hang them up and look at/study for a bit till I can figure where to go next. - While I'm out having a cig. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Well I guess when we are able to meet up with you, we can trade an easel for some bunny sticks. happy112.gif
I hate seeing this thing sitting here doing nothing when it could be enjoyed by someone with the interest.
Looks pretty good Colin!
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