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Full Version: Treasure TV show
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Hey Everyone,

We got an email from Mr. Turner, producer & editor with the Burrud organization.

He would like to know if there would be interest in a re-release of the 1958 TV series "Treasure" hosted by Bill Burrud.

The series included these episodes below.........
1) Ambush at Stovepipe Wells
2) Aztec Gold
3) Bandit of Madrid
4) Catalina De Hunca
5) Curse of the Macumba
6) Death of Raccoon Springs
7) Devil in the Mountain
8) Diamonds at Dead Man's Cave
9) Golden Idol of the Incas
10) Isle Royal
11) Loot of Macias
12) The Loot of Poncho Villa
13) The Lost City of Bayoreca
14) The Door to Never Never Land
15) Lost Dutchman Mine
16) The Man Who Wouldn't Die
17) Man With Two Faces
18) Massacre of the Richelieu
19) Mummy's Gold
20) Murder at Lost Creek
21) Pirates Passage
22) Port Royal Pirates Heaven
23) Quest for the Holy Grail
24) Riddle of the Guardian Ghost
25) Saga of Soapy Smith
26) Secret of San Miguel
27) Shipwreck of the Dry Tortougas
28) Strange Case of Hen Oaks
29) Trail of the Four Eyed Cat
30) Treasure of ULLoa
31) Treasure sands of Tortuga
32) The Vanishing Ice
33) Oak Island the Money Pit

OOOOOO these sound pretty cool!! cool.gif

What does everyone think?
Vote in the poll....but you have to be signed in. tongue.gif

We would love to hear some feedback from those of you who may have seen these shows when they originally aired. wink.gif

yep id jump at the chance to buy/veiw these older stories.the dvd format would be greatly appriceated!
i agree, definately worth seeing. Count me in.
I would love to see these also. I also agree with preceeding a DVD would be great and I would buy one of these!
I'd definitely buy a DVD of these shows.
I agree, this would be a great re-release.
I know I've seen some of Bill's later films and would love to see these.
I'm interested!

Any info on how many discs in the complete set? Price breakdown etc would be appreciated. I wish they'd been available to add to my Christmas wish list.


That would be just fantastic. Got my vote or two if you would allow me lol
rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
Hi all,

Mr. Turner got the DVD's together and released......30 episodes total on a 5 DVD series. All in color too! cool.gif

Thanks for your input everyone and here's a quote from his email yesterday......
Hi Dan'
Well, I got um done with a lot of thanks to you and all your
members. The series "Treasure with Bill Burrud" is being released today on amazon. I was able to restore 30 of the old programs and get them on Five Volumes...1 thru 5 , another words six half-hour shows per volume. I was also able to locate all of them in color.
They look and sound very good,

The link to the site is

Get yours ordered soon. wink.gif

Mr. Turners window to these videos wont open for me....
Darn it Russ! mellow.gif
The link works for me okey dokey on this end........wonder whats up?

Well, try to search the web or amazon for them and it should pop it up for ya. smile.gif
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