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*Colorado Tektite*

Colorado's Gunnison crater tektites are found in a high velocity impact crater and are suspected to have pieces of the original asteroid inclusions within. Very unique mineral specimens highly sought after by tektite specimen collectors.

Colorado Gunnison Crater Tektites
Colorado Tektite found by Johnny Tonko. Photo by Dan.

Tektites are formed most scientists believe, during hyper velocity impacts from large asteroid or meteorite strikes long ago. Known as the driest rocks found on earth, moisture would have been instantaneously vaporized under enormous pressures and temperatures created during the impact. Similar to obsidian (natural volcanic glass), but without the crystaline structure present in obsidian.

Colorado Gunnison Crater Tektite Cabochon

Mohs hardness: 5 - 5.5 (relative to obsidian)

Common uses today - Scientific studies of impact sites and asteroids that created them, mineral collections, and rarely found cut into beautiful cabochons for jewelry.

Colorado Gunnison Crater Tektites - pictures in the CP forums.

From Wikipedia.com - Tektite
"Tektites (from Greek tektos, molten) are natural glass rocks up to a few centimeters in size, which most scientists argue were formed by the impact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. Tektites are typically black or olive-green, and their shape varies from rounded to irregular.
Tektites are among the "driest" rocks, with an average water content of 0.005%."

Gunnison crater being just recently discovered in 2006 by Mr. Johnny F. Tonko, in an alignment with several more strikes through the USA, should provide fasinating information and study in the future.
Check out Johnny Tonko's website for detailed information about Gunnison Crater Tektites.


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