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*Welcome to the Equipment plans and techniques page.*

We hope you will be able to find something helpful here. All the plans and techniques on this page were submitted by great people like yourself who have learned a few things over the years and was willing to share with all of us. If you have prospecting equipment plans you made or tips and techniques you would like to share, just e-mail me at Plans&Tips@ColoradoProspector.com

self agitating sluice


Indoor Panning Station Provided by: Evil Ernie

Rocker Box Plans (pdf file) Provided by: Sparky

Drywasher Plans (pdf file) Provided by: Sparky

High Volume Bucket Classifiers Provided by: CP

Water Drip Pan Station Provided by: CP

Gold Panning!

Specimen Cleaning Provided by: Mrs. CP

Specimen Trimming Provided by: Mrs. CP

New Gold Pan Seasoning Provided by: CP

Rock Tumbling Tips Provided by: CP & Mrs.CP

Panning Tips Provided by: CP
Panning Video

Sluicing Instructions Provided by: CP

Blue Bowl Demonstration & Tips Provided by: Swizz

Thunderegg Cutting Video 1 Provided by: CP

Thunderegg Cutting Video 2 Provided by: CP

Thunderegg Cutting Video 3 Provided by: CP

Mining Claim Lease Provided by: CP
A non exclusive, non monetary basic short term lease agreement.

Time to enjoy the outdoors!

Did you know? .... The price of gold during the 1880's was $18.14/ounce and the price of a shovel was around $8.50. The average price of gold during 2005 was $444.00/ounce and the shovel ran about $10.00-$20.00.....WOW!!!!

Did you know? .... YOU WILL CONSUME 5 OUNCES OF GOLD IN YOUR LIFETIME! Oh boy! Where am I going to get that?!

Did you know? .... Geologist's have said that it is estimated only 5% of the gold in Colorado's gold fields was harvested in the old days.

Did you know? .... All 50 states have petrified wood.

Did you know? .... Colorado is the nation's #2 producer of gold, Nevada being #1. (2005)

Did you know? .... A 12" dredge running on Alaska's 40 mile river measures no significant amount of turbidity 500' downstream!

Did you know? .... According to the FSM (Forest Service Manual) and FSH (Forest Service Handbook) No special authorization is needed for the use of ANY HAND CARRIED EQUIPMENT on national forest lands.

Did you know? .... The BLM and Corps of Engineers has determined that any equipment with intake nozzles of 4" or less to be deminimus, or in other words .....they create no significant disturbance.


Colorado prospecting!

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