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*Water Drip Pan Station*

By: CP

We made up one of these water drip systems/splash pan for working with our flex-shaft dremmel tool. It worked so well we thought we would share it with you all.......Enjoy and let us know how yours turns out.

drip pan

Tools needed:

Safety glasses
1 Jig saw, sawzall, or handsaw
Drill and 5/16" drill bit
Yellow handle (both direction) sheet metal cutters
Wire cutter (side cuts)
Utility knife
open end (7/16") or crescent wrenches for nuts/bolts

Materials needed:

(1) 4 or 5 gallon bucket (4 gallon pictured)
(3) 1/4-20x3/4" bolts
(3) 1/4-20 nuts
(6) 1/4" fender washers
(1) 8-10" aluminum strip (1/8"x3/4" flat stock) (8" length used on this project)
(1) stiff metal screen-fine, approx 6"x9" oval (car speaker grill worked well!)
(1) 3" spring (soft pull)
bailing wire - 12" or so
(1) water bottle (12-16 oz size)
one garden hose on/off valve (threaded-female to male)
6" garden hose end with the female threads
approx 18" of 3/4" poly tubing


Ok, now that we have all our goodies gathered for this project we can get started. Remember......SAFETY FIRST! Lets don the safety apperal.......glasses on? Good!

First we will cut down our bucket leaving the bottom a couple inches tall so there can be water contained in it still. Measurements are all approximate so just make yours fit any adjustments needed.

Cut down the sides of the bucket removing approximately 1/3 of the bucket down to 2" from the bottom. Then cut across to meet the two cuts at the 2" level. This will leave approx. 2/3 of the bucket (back) for splash guards.

Now we will bend the aluminum strip at about 3.5" to an angle of approximately 15 degrees or so. Make sure you have enough room to bolt the strip with 2 bolts on the bucket. Line up your strip on the back of the bucket/splash guard where it will be mounted. (about centered)

Mark and then drill (5/16") holes in your aluminum strip for 2 bolts.

Then you will also need to drill a hole (5/16") near the top of the aluminum strip for water bottle mounting later. (approx 1" from the top)

Re-align the strip on the splash guard, then mark and drill holes (2) in bucket for mounting strip.

Next we will fashion a semi 1/2 circle shape from our screen to "cradle" the water bottle. I used a speaker grill trimmed flat at one end. You need to make a wedge cut or two at the bottom to form a loose bottle neck shape to catch the nose or top of the bottle in the cradle. Use the soft pull spring at the top as shown and your bailing wire is used to make a loose loop at the bottom of the screen while still allowing enough room for the entire bottle,valve, and hose assembly to be pulled up and out for refilling. Once you have shaped your screen with spring and wire......you will then carefully drill a 5/16" hole in the screen for mounting to the aluminum strip. Your shooting for a drip set up to drip in the middle of the bucket pan while working......keep that in mind while placing the screen to the strip. Final adjustment of the drip can be made later with the length of the hose as well.

Now you will mount the aluminum strip and screen to the bucket.

Next...... carefully cut your poly hose length wise spliting open only 1 side of the hose. Slip the split hose over the cut edge of the bucket for user comfort.

Take your empty water bottle ......drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle (they are usually 2 layers) drill a hole in both layers or your bottle will not drip. Next screw on the threaded garden hose valve to the water bottle neck, they are not the same thread but are close enough for this project. Twist it on well. Then put the bottle and valve in the cradle. Now is the final adjustment phase....estimate the length of hose needed and either trim off extra, or if too short, then try a bit more angle to the dangle on the aluminum....LOL (bend it more) Remember ...... drip should be in the middle of the pan and hose needs to be high enough to allow your hands work room underneath it.

Once you have all adjustments set....fill your bottle slowly through the hose with the valve open.....takes a few minutes. Then close valve and turn over....remember holes in bottom of bottle. Place full water bottle in cradle....open valve to drip as needed and viola......off ya' go!

This project was made totally from bits and pieces laying around, but if you need to buy some of it, cost will be very minimal. Hope yours turns out well and please let us know what you think.

Cya's on the digs!


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