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*CP'S high volume wet or dry bucket classifiers *

By: CP

Tools needed:
Saw, Drill+Bit (5/16"), Tape measure, Tin snips,
Clamps (C-clamps), Marker.

Materials needed:
Bucket, Hardware cloth (2'x2') mesh of choice,
Aluminum strap (3/4"x1/8"x 34"),
(6-8) 1/4" 20 x 3/4" bolts, fender washers, and wingnuts.


First you will need to mark about 2" down from
the lowest ridge around the bucket and cut.

With your bucket top, clamp the 34" aluminum strap along
the inside taking care to make sure the strap is in between the
last two ridges so you aren't trying to bolt through a ridge.
Drill 6-8 evenly spaced holes through the plastic and the strap.
Then mark a spot on the bucket ring and the strap so you can put it back
in the same orientation.

Next you will mark out and cut your hardware cloth into a
16" circle.....or semi circle as mine was. HA!
Lay the cloth on the bench flat and use the bucket ring you just drilled
holes in to mark an 11" (or so) circle that is centered in your cloth.

Now you will use the inner circle you just marked as a "cut to" guide.
Make 10 evenly spaced cuts towards the center stopping at the inner
circle mark. Then use the cut bottom of your bucket to hold the cloth
down while you fold up each tab to bend the cloth at the inner circle mark.

Once folded, insert the cloth dish inside your bucket ring,
then insert the aluminum strap pinching the cloth tabs against
the bucket ring. With a bit of adjusting make your cloth bottom
approximately the same depth as the bottom of the bucket ring.
Align your previous marks for orientation of the strap and bolt on.

Once finished your high volume classifier will sit in the top of
a full bucket of water, then pour a generous amount of dirt in for
classification, twist swiftly back and forth.....repeat as needed.
MrsCP and I have found these work very well and are quite durable.
Good luck and and let us know what you think.

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